Mar 19
sometimes new accounts don’t show up anywhere that’s what happened to you !! like the post you tagged me in on it doesn’t come up in and also they don’t get a notification when you follow/like/reblog from them. :/
anyway that happened to me when I made this account a while ago but if you email tumblr they fix it right away and it’s good

wtf!! ill get on that thank you very much pal

ive only got one member of the Spaghetti Boys following me on sikedweebo and thats really distressing you know


new short film entitled ‘fresh (hair)cuts’

i made a new tumblr full of solid gold like this 

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Mar 18


The Clash - Stay Free

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mca from the beastie boys playing bass for the cro mags

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AMMIT - wolf

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my first fist fight happened because the girl pushed me into the locker so ipushed her back then she slapped me then i punched her and she tried to pull my hair andi was like wtf are you seven so that made me angrier i won

wow what a dweeb!!

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